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The Threat

IMSI Catchers and Active GSM Interception systems became common products.
As soon as the phone is logged onto a fake cellular cell, all mobile phone's identities are extracted and the system takes control over the phone. Furthermore, active interception systems has the ability to eavesdrop all incoming and outgoing calls and read all SMS messages.

Protect your secrets

ArrowCell product family, offers a real-time comprehensive solution of full protection against IMSI Catchers and active GSM interception systems.


ArrowCell enables detection of an IMSI catcher or active GSM interception system in the proximity.
ArrowCell uses unique algorithms which determines whether the original operating cell has been replaced by an alternate fake operator and alerts the user upon detection.


ArrowCell capable of disabling the execution of the interception without jamming the cellular environment.
The prevention method uses specific vulnerabilities in the cellular standard which fights the attacking cell and preventing it from intercept your calls and SMS's.


ArrowCell has the ability to locate IMSI catchers and active GSM interception systems in high level of accuracy.
Using special antenna and accessories, ArrowCell provides the cability to locate the system in accuracy of a room in a building.

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Family of Products

The family of products contains 3 producs:
ArrowCell D (Detection), ArrowCell DP (Detection and Prevention), ArrowCell DPL (Detection, Prevention & Location) and range of accessories.

Small portable device

ArrowCell D

Powerful protection

ArrowCell DP

Exact location

ArrowCell DPL

Advanced capabilities



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